Showcasing Mary Louise Porter Painter and Art Shop

About Me

M L Porter painting in the lavender fields in Provence.


“The beginning of a painting is always mysterious to me. A painting develops for me, unraveling the composition, as the colors, line, shapes, and texture seems to emerge on the canvas.”   Mary Louise Porter has been selected to represent the Cane River and Northwest Louisiana in John R. Kemp’s new book Expression of Place The Contemporary Louisiana Landscape.  Her paintings were also featured in the November 2014 Louisiana Life magazine. Porter received a BFA and MFA in Painting from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. She has participated in numerous artist residencies across the US and Costa Rica. Her work is also included in a number of galleries and other public and private collections nationwide.  



 "Some people are born to sing, play an instrument, or write. I was born to be a painter. I have always known what I wanted to do in life- create.


My Inspiration

 My work represents a journey of memories and images drawn from landscapes seen in my travels as well as experienced in the American South, where I was born and raised. Each work of Art captures the emotion and beauty of the location expressed in my unique, interpretive style. My colors are intense, bold, and sometimes complex to demonstrate the energy visualized in the final outcome. When I enter my studio, I enter another world. It is there that I am free to create, experiment, and enjoy the creative process." 


View this video to see the artist's inspiration and how she captures the essence of her work.